Membership Application

To get access to the HERO Member's only area:

  1. Create your account here (if you don’t already have an account)
  2. Go to the HERO website
  3. Go to Member Login and use account info you just created
  4. Once you login you will be able to post.
  5. Click on the groups you will see all HERO documents and committees.


HERO is an organizational level membership.

Corporation, Employee HWB Provider, Healthcare Plan/Provider/Insurer, Consulting Firm ($7,000 fee)

Association/Foundation/Non-Profit, Government Agency, University, Volunteer-Based Health Organization ($4,500 fee)

Membership entitles 2 employees from your organization to represent your company in the HERO Think Tank.  Other employees within your organization are eligible to serve on committees.

Membership renews on an annual basis.


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